downgrade nexus s from 4.1.x to 2.3.6

after upgrading nexus s to 4.1.2, it’s not straight forward to downgrade to 2.3.6. A error occurs when fastboot -w update


fastbooot flash recovery recovery-clockwork- (which is downloaded from the Internet)

boot to bootloader, enter recovery mode, install rom (zip file in sdcard) from zip, which is downloaded from the Internet.

I’m not sure the rom is official rom as later there comes errors, A flashable rom is a zip file with boot.img, bootloader.img, radio.img and system folder, recovery folder and META-INF folder.

After that, the older version android is installed.

But when the system starts, there comes a lot of package crash errors and I’m not able to enter the system.

Then I flash the older version factory img with regular steps. It succeeds.


Ps: nexus S adb driver need to be downloaded from Samsung,


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